• Do you want to start your business but have no ideas?

  • Then you need our course for beginners.

  • Our team will give you knowledge and ideas how to upgrate your business idea.

This course has enough volume of information and contant which will allow you to be well-educated and start GSM termination business as an expert.

  • You will go through our course for beginners. You will be provided educational video materials and you will be given your personal tutor.

  • After our course there will be a test, so it will be possible for you to take into account each even the tinest detail.

  • When graduated successfully you will get a certificate with the right on 20% discount for equipment purchase.

Course curriculum

Develop yourself professionally


My time being with ANTRAX academy has been very knowledgeable and expanding, I never had any knowledge in GSM termination business but coming to ANTRAX has open a range of knowledge to me and also am going to explore the knowledge I have in the business world. 

- Emmanuel, telecommunication expert